As with so many things, the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has changed things. But looking beyond the many negatives things that have changed because of Covid, one of the positives has been the growth of online learning as so many of the traditional education systems had to move to online learning as a way of continuing to offer educational teaching at a time when people were told to isolate and keep their distance from others.

But now that things have been opening up once again, the argument over what is better, on-campus education or online education.

Here are 7 reasons why online learning is not just a good substitute for traditional classroom learning, in so many ways, it is a better choice for furthering your educational ambitions.

1 – More Engaging

As more and more students turned to online learning, it gave researchers the opportunity to study and monitor students development and learning styles while using online learning portals. Research studies published have highlighted that those who studies in class and those who studies online in the same course notes/subjects faired equally well however those studying online were seen to be more engaged and less likely to shy away from participating which led to a better quality of interaction between teacher and student.

2 – More Control

It has always been one of the big benefits of online learning. By studying online, you can choose when to study and where to study. Scheduling conflicts are all but removed thanks to online learning and students can vitally study at their own pace. As we understand learning styles more and more, this advantage is priceless for those who have a particular learning style which online learning benefits from.

3 – Preparing for the future

Flexible working is the new norm. Zoom, Team Meetings and online working are the future of businesses across the country. Online learning is a great classroom to prepare for this future career path. Being comfortable with technology is a benefit that traditional classroom teaching simply cannot give you and as more and more students turn to online learning, it is now being seen as a benefit for businesses when they are looking for new employees to recruit.

4 – Good Reputation

The reputation for online learning is growing as businesses now see the value on an education with online learning and qualifications gained from online courses. More recruiters are seeing the value in online learning as long as the education provider has been delivered to an accredited standard.

5 – Study Anywhere

You will no doubt have read stories during the pandemic of people working from sunny locations, caravans, the villas and more. As long as there was an internet signal, they could ‘work from home’ without ‘working from home’, They were no longer bound by having to go to a set building for a set time and could work literally anywhere carrying out the same job. And that is exactly the same with online learning. You are no longer confined to geographical locations for what you want to study.

6 – Faster Feedback

You may assume that a traditional classroom based learning programme will give you more access to your lecturer. But you would be wrong. Online learning can actually provide you with more contact with tutors as with many courses, you are completing more frequent assessments that allow tutors to monitor your progress. It is done so that struggling students don’t slip through the cracks but it all means that you more often than not get a better level of feedback and faster feedback than with traditional classroom based learning.

7 – It’s Cheaper

Saving money is a life skill. Whether it is switching energy supplier to save some money or changing brands of foo products in the supermarket. So why is education that much more different? The biggest difference between an online course and a traditional classroom based course is the campus. If you study a course in person, part of your cost goes to the classroom, the building, the campus, the dorm and all the running costs of a traditional school, college or University including the electricity, building maintenance etc. Online learning removes all of these costs because we don’t have any of these expenses.

And that is before we bring up the icing on the cake. No student loans! It is estimated that a student loan can take up to 20 years to pay off. Because online learning is so affordable, you don’t have thousands of pounds of student load debt to pay back. So the money you make in your new career path that online learning helped you get – you keep for yourself.

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