Being an online student




With Absorb there are no term times, so you can begin your distance learning journey at any time of year.

This means you’re not constrained by the typical student calendar and studying really does fit into your life and not the other way round!


You can study from anywhere in the world or from your bedroom, in a café on your lunch break or even in the bath.

You get to set the agenda – and we provide the mobile learning platform to facilitate it.

We welcome international students from across the world; however, do bear in mind some examinations require you to come to the UK to sit them.

And we can help with that too!


Our social media pages are the perfect place to meet fellow students and enjoy the fun side of being a student.

Not only can you share hints and tips, but you can discuss what you are learning and spark some really interesting debates.

It’s fascinating learning about a subject on your own but sharing with others is the best way to test your understanding of the key concepts, learn useful methods that others have found helpful, as well as meeting likeminded people who are similarly absorbed by your chosen subject.

As well as Facebook you can find Absorb on Twitter and Pinterest.

Top tips for studying success!

Set aside regular time to study – Make sure you know when in your week you are going to study. It can be on the bus or at home, early in the morning or late at night, but make sure you dedicate some focused time to it. Let your friends and family know – Your family and friends love you, but constant interruptions and invitations to the pub can eat into your study time and affect your results. By making the important people in your life aware of the importance of your study time and what if means for your future, they can be there to cheer you on and support your achievements. Develop a study routine – Develop a routine to get you in the mood to study. This could be preparing your favourite drink or setting a timer on your phone. Most people find it hard to hold concentration for more than an hour, so plan in regular breaks. Build a revision plan as you go – There is no better time to pull out the important concepts from a topic than as you are studying them. Creating clear notes that highlight the main points will help to steer your revision, when you come to prepare for an exam or assessment. It can also be useful to use memory techniques like mindmaps, mnemonics and word associations.

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