Online IGCSE Geography (9-1)

Online IGCSE Geography (9-1)

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Studying GCSE Geography Online

GCSE Geography is a great building block to A-Levels but also an interesting subject in its own right. You will cover subjects as diverse as river environments to globalisation and migration.

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IGCSE Geography

Course code: 0976

Delivery method: Online

Course duration: 12 Months

Entry requirements: No prior qualification needed

Award achieved: Cambridge IGCSE Geography

Awarding body: Cambridge CIE

IGCSE Geography is a great building block to A Levels but also an interesting subject in its own right. You will cover subjects as diverse as river environments to globalisation and migration.

You will also gain an appreciation of geographical concepts as well as understanding how awareness of global issues impacts a sustainable future.

Geography GCSE online course

Geography course overview

Upon successful completion of the exam and practical assessments (as administered by CIE), you will have achieved an internationally recognised CIE IGCSE Geography (0976) qualification.

Skills gained

  • an understanding of the processes which affect physical and human environments •
  • an understanding of location on a local, regional and global scale
  • the ability to use and understand geographical data and information
  • an understanding of how communities around the world are affected and constrained by different environments.

Course outline

This course is divided into 3 units:

The syllabus is divided into three themes which have been designed to develop an understanding of both the natural and the human environment:

  1. Population and settlement
  2. The natural environment
  3. Economic development.

You will also sit a:

Formative Assessment: Activities, multiple choice assessments, short answer and tutor marked mock exam.

Summative Assessment: Three written exams in an exam centre.

Course content

Paper  1: Geographical Themes 1 hour 45 minutes 45% of course marks

Candidates answer three questions, each worth 25 marks. Candidates must answer one question from each section.

Paper  2: Geographical Skills 1 hour 30 minutes 27.5% of course marks

Candidates answer all the questions.

Paper  4: Alternative to Coursework 1 hour 30 minutes 27.5% of course marks

Candidates answer two compulsory questions, completing a series of written tasks. As the name of this paper suggests, this is a paper which is more suited to those studying independently. By doing this paper you do not need to do any courswork.


The CIE IGCSE Geography qualification is gained once the exam paper is successfully completed. These exams are administered by CIE and assessment centre details will be included with your course, as well as practice papers so that you are more than prepared for your assessments.

In addition, there will be a number of tutor marked assessments (TMAs) to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the course materials, with the tutor sending comments to guide you through any areas of potential difficulty, as well as a range of self-assessments that are indicators that you understand the materials as you work through them. These are for your own information, and do not need to be shown to your course tutor.

Method of study


The course is an online course using a Learning Management System (LMS).

The online course has many features that cannot be printed such as embedded videos, forums and interactive tests.

The course includes Tutor Marked Assessments which you access and submit through the online system.

Tutor support

Our IGCSE courses come with tutor feedback and support by email for 12 months. They will mark your TMAs and provide valuable guidance through any trickier parts of the course whenever you need it. You will also receive a study guide to help you with all aspects of studying, essay writing and general student skills.

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