Maths and English GCSE and Revision Suite Bundle

Maths and English GCSE and Revision Suite Bundle

From: £222.50 / month for 4 months

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Online Maths, English and Revision Suite Bundle

With our money saving bundle you can save £60 on the cost of our online GCSE Maths and English courses – making your dream of a new job or career one step closer. At our standard price two online GCSE courses with tutor support and the revision suites would cost you £1020.00. The cost of the bundle with tutor support is only £960.00 saving you £60.

Once you have selected and completed the payment information one of our team will be in touch to confirm whether you want IGCSE or GCSE online maths courses. Your account will then be created in our learning platform and you will be able to start your studies straightaway.

GCSE Maths and English Revision Bundle



Online Maths, English and Revision Bundle

Do you want to improve your job and long term career prospects? Many employers today expect maths and English GCSE grade 4 (old grade C) and above as a minimum.

At Absorb Online Learning we can help you to achieve that. You can either study independently using our e-book content or you can choose the support of a tutor for only £70 more.

In addition to the Maths and English content you will also have access to our past paper and smart revision tools for both maths and English. These work with the e book content to help you improve on your exam technique and revise effectively. Buying as a bundle will save you £60.

How do I study?  The content is all provided via our online learning platform which you can access on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

When can I start? Any time

How long are the online courses? – Your access will be for 12 months but you can complete sooner if you choose.

When are the exams? – Either May/June or November or January (depending on whether you choose GCSE or IGCSE Maths)

Are exams included? – No, you book and pay for these separately at a local exam centre.

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Maths and English Bundle E book and tutor support (4 payments), Maths and English Bundle E book and tutor support (in full), Maths and English Bundle E book only (4 payments), Maths and English E book only (in full)

How do I get started?

Once you have decided on the right A Level or GCSE for you click ‘Add to Basket’.

You can then either ‘Checkout’ straight away or ‘View your Basket’ and continue searching for an additional A Levels and GCSEs.

Go through our secure online ordering process and pay.

How do I get my e-book and tuition?


If the A Level or GCSE you have bought is delivered online you will receive your login details by 2pm the next working day.

What do I do next?

All the information you need will be included in your study guide which will be emailed to you. Once you have your login you will be good to go!

Everyone at Absorb wishes you the best of luck on your studying journey! We know it’s both rewarding and challenging and ultimately what a difference that qualification will make to your career path and life.

Good luck!