Booking your final exams

How do I book my exam?

This is the question we are asked most frequently by students enrolling on our GCSEs and A Levels. Booking your exam does not have to be a headache. Our three step guide with interactive map and guide will help you through the process. Don’t forget we are always here to help if needed.

Step One

Find a centre

Use our interactive map to find the exam centres nearest to you. 

Exam Centre Map

Step Two

Book your exam

Once you have decided on a centre you can then go ahead and book your exam. To help you through this we have created the easy to follow guide below.

Booking your exam – A Guide

Step Three

Check on your entry that the code and subject is correct.

Relax now that your exam is booked and focus on your studies and revision. 


You will always have support when you need it, either from your tutor or from the Absorb team. We are right here with you, from choosing your course, all the way through until you receive your qualification.

You can contact us at info@absorbonlinelearning.biz and we will make sure your questions are answered quickly and with care.

Good luck! We look forward to supporting you.

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