GCSE maths or IGCSE Maths

We make GCSE maths easy

So, we have two maths courses at GCSE level. Why?

Well, first of all, let’s clear up something. Both the GCSE and IGCSE are treated as the exact same by all Universities, colleges and employers.

Now to the why we have two!

The courses are virtually identical with some minor exceptions. These are:

  • GCSE maths is examined by 3 papers
  • IGCSE Maths is examined by 2 papers
  • GCSE maths has a non-calculator paper (you need to do things like long-division.
  • IGCSE maths allows the use of a calculator in both papers.
  • GCSE maths is examined in November and May/June
  • IGCSE maths is examined in January and May/June
  • IGCSE maths has a small section on calculus (It’s easy)

So, you can choose which course suits your needs best. In most cases this will be based on if you are wanting to sit the maths exam in November or January.

If you are not sure you can enroll on one and also get the second for an extra £29. Talk to us if you want to do that.

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