The all important CV (Curriculum Vitae) is one of the most important documents you may ever have to create.

It is a tool that can help you to get your foot in the door with potential employers and allows your a small window of opportunity (or two sides of A4) to summarise your education, skills and experience in order to sell yourself.

But there are always lots of people after the same job and to make your CV stick out above others, having extra skills, experience and qualifications is vital. And this is where online courses can really give you an ace up your sleeve.

Online courses are a brilliant way to expand your skills, learn new advantageous topics that your future employer may find interesting and gain vital qualifications that can see your CV rise to the top of the pile.

And this is where Absorb Online Learning can really help. We have a huge range of online courses and e-books for online learning that can really help you with your career prospects.

Here are 5 of our most popular courses that could help make your CV sparkle.

A-Level Mathematics

Mathematics is more than gaining some numerical and reasoning skills so we can keep count of our paycheques. Maths has become the language of technology and it can open doors into so many careers across the globe ranging from engineering and business to software development and games design.

A-Level Online Maths is an indication that students who have gained an A Level qualification have achieved high standards of learning and can confidently proceed into further study at university or college level and they have skills valuable to the labour market.

A-Level English

An A-Level English qualification is the gold standard for school leavers and can prove to be an invaluable credential for those looking for bigger and brighter things in their career path.

English is a global lingua franca, spoken in most countries of the world. It is the international language of business, trade and technology. English is the language of the internet.

So taking an A-Level English online can allow you to gain incredibly powerful skills. It has never been more important to any career to show an aptitude and flair for English, whether for discussing complex products with customers or writing detailed proposals or persuasive arguments.

A-Level Biology, Chemistry or Physics

Through science we are gradually unlocking the mysteries of the universe we live in, expanding our knowledge in tiny increments of data, tested and replicated for validity. This is how we come to know the stuff of life, through biology, chemistry, physics and combined sciences.

Not only are the subjects themselves fascinating, but a recent study has shown that students who achieve an A-Level in a science, technology, engineering or mathematical subject can expect to earn far more than peers who did not.

A-Level Accountancy, Business or Economics

Business and numbers go hand in hand. Decoding the jargon of ROI, CPA, P&L is essential for the business leaders of the future and can be an invaluable asset to obtaining your dream job for the future.

If you are ambitious and focused on a successful career in business or finance, an online A Level in Accountancy, Business Studies or Economics could be the key to unlocking your future.

Interest Books

Not everything on your CV has to be about qualifications. Showing an interest in ancient Greek religion, a study of philosophy, ethics or moral philosophy can be a great way to show an interest in learning and a unique perspective that other job candidates may not have. We have a huge range of E-books that you can browse through to expand your mind, become more educated and help to really add a shine to your CV.