Exam Pass Guarantee

Our Exam Pass Guarantee

As the UK’s top GCSE and A Level specialist we are so confident in our GCSE and A Level content, support and effective delivery, we now offer our students a money back guarantee. We are so confident that rather than a pass which is any grade from 9-1 at GCSE/IGCSE or A*-G at A level, we will make this guarantee and refund your payment should you not achieve a grade C or above at A Level or grade 4 or above at GCSE.

Please be aware this guarantee is only available to students purchasing tutor support alongside the e-book and only applies to new enrolments (on or after 30th June 2021).

Without your hard work and motivation you will not achieve these grades so there are conditions which have to be met to qualify for this offer.

Exam Pass Guarantee Conditions

You must:

1.  demonstrate that you have completed the minimum study hours as recorded on the learning platform.

(120 study hours as recorded on the learning platform for GCSE and IGCSE – except for Combined Science Double Award where the minimum is 200 study hours)

(360 study hours as recorded on the learning platform for A level)

2.  complete all tutor marked assessments on the learning platform and achieve over 50%

3.  complete all the mini assessments in the GCSE/A Level achieving at least 85% in each one.


4.  have maintained your payments if paying in instalments or have paid in full.

5.  prove your exam grade shown on a certificate or transcription.

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