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If you are considering signing up for one of our online GCSE or A-Level subjects including maths, English and sciences then please read some of the reviews and feedback we have received from our students and on Trustpilot. These reviews are from students who have used our online learning platform and wanted to share their experience.

Sheetal – A Level Biology and Chemistry

After studying A level’s in biology and Chemistry with Absorb Online Learning Sheetal received outstanding results.  Sheetal has now accepted a place at university to study medicine.

Why Absorb?

‘I chose online learning as I was unsatisfied with my private college’.

The best thing about Absorb?

‘it has to be the tutor support, my tutor also pointed me in the right direction when it came to my final exams, she showed me where I was dropping marks in my mocks and that made a huge difference to my overall grades.’

‘The course content was easily laid out in smaller modules and the end of topic tests at the end which gave you a good idea on how much you had remembered of the subject the questions were very similar to BMAT. Absorb also helped me work out my own timetables and deadlines and communicated changes with plenty of time to revise.’

‘Absorb learning did not have to provide the assessments they did to help with us meeting the exam board requirements, they could have just referred us back to them but they went beyond and ensured although time was tight that every student was assessed by them and the progress was measured in a fair way. I hugely appreciated these efforts from them.’

Isabel – A Level Biology

After study an A Level in biology with Absorb Online Learning and receiving a great result, Isabel will be going to university to study midwifery in September.

Why Absorb?

‘ I was a mature student applying for a midwifery degree and one of the entry requirements was an A-Level in Biology. I had not done this subject at A-Level and therefore needed it. I was working full time so needed an online resource that I could work through at my own pace.

I had looked into a few companies and put my email into the ‘contact us’ section. A very friendly tutor from Absorb rang me within the hour and talked to me about what I wanted to get out of Absorb and explained how they could help. I had a lot of questions and concerns about how it would be taught, if I’d be able to complete it in time and how the exam would be formatted but all of my worries were put aside after speaking with the tutor.’

The best thing about Absorb

‘I really enjoyed the structure of the modules and how it was presented. It was a really easy system to work through in my own time, at my own pace. The site keeps you on track, showing all of the completed modules and the test at the end of each module was a great tool to check your understanding.

I was also so grateful for the responsive tutor support. Any queries or concerns were answered almost immediately.’

James – A Level History

After studying A level History with Absorb Online Learning and achieving an A* James has accepted a place at university to study philosophy and history

Why Absorb?

‘Absorb had excellent reviews on Trustpilot and most former students had a positive experience’

I spoke to Killian the history tutor on the phone and he explained everything that the company would do to support me for the cost of the course. It was helpful and reassuring.

The best thing about Absorb?

The knowledge of the tutor. Killian was always willing to help me out with any predicament on the course. ‘It was helpful and reassuring.’

‘Thank you very much for being such a reliable and professional company, I am pleased I picked you.’

Lara – IGCSE Maths, English, Geography and Sociology

After studying a range of IGCSEs with Absorb Online Learning Lara is going on to college to complete further study.

As a student under the age of 18, Lara completed her studies in the Absorb Online Home Learning area of our learning platform. This is a dedicated area to ensure that when on the student forum our under 18 students are communicating with students of their own age. It also means that our tutors are aware of those students who are not adult learners and can tailor their support accordingly. This is unique to amongst distance learning providers.

Why Absorb?

‘Because they have a lot of positive feedback from students and they cater for my age group. They also gave me a few days to see if I like the programme before committing, so I could see exactly how the learning portal worked.’

The best thing about Absorb?

‘The course structure is very good. You have tests after each small section and can ask for help from the tutors if you need it. This was also really good for studying as you could go over the test questions as many times as you liked, and the results are given to you after each test so you can see where you need to improve. Even in English, you can compare your answers with sample tutor answers to the comprehension questions. This was particularly helpful to me.’



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