Study smarter – don’t get lost, use a mind map!

No matter what course you’re studying, whether it is Geography or English, you can find the sheer amount of new information overwhelming at times – this is where mind maps can help. That old adage stands – sometimes, you can’t see the wood for the trees.

Mind maps are a perfect way to draw out all the new concepts so that you can see the shape of a topic and how its various parts interlink. It’s also amazing for memory recall and can prove invaluable if you have examinations that determine your final course results.

What’s a mind map?

Mind map

A mind map is a kind of spider diagram that you use to draw out a concept and all its various aspects. Make it as colourful as you can to help it stick in your memory. You can even add pictures if they fit with the ideas (now your diagram is a rich picture), which will make it even easier to remember as the human brain recalls images more readily than words.

The amazing thing about mind maps is that they can help you to see interconnections between different theories or topics that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. Mind maps offer a birds-eye-view of what you are studying allowing our brains, which are very good pattern-recognition machines, to find new links and relationships. And, you can even find many apps and programs free online, which allow you to map out your subject without masses of paper spread over your desk.

See how much further you can go with the help of a mind map.

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