Careers Advice: be a cat

Investors In People (IIP) commissioned research earlier this year that found 60% of UK workers were unhappy in their jobs. That’s a lot of unhappy people. In addition, the average person will work around 90,000 hours over the course of a lifetime, so that’s a lot of unhappy people being unhappy a lot!

Although, it may seem impossible to make a career switch, our working lives are expanding with our ageing population, so it only stands that we will all have multiple careers over the course of our lives.

And it’s easier than you think to achieve. New technology and online learning allow us to fuse the best practice methods of education with the convenience and ease of technology so that we can fit learning around our everyday life commitments, even a full-time job or a brand new baby.

So it you are one of those unhappy people, turn your frown upside down and consider the possibilities of what you can do. But first you have to know what you love… Read more