10 new A Levels for 2015

With changes to A Level syllabus this year, we now have 10 new A Levels listed on the site.

The new A Level’s are a mixture of AQA and Edexcel courses. You can sit AS exams for the new syllabus courses in June 2016, but the first A2 A Level exams are in June 2017.

The new courses are:

If you want to complete your A Level by June 2016 we still have all the older syllabus courses as well, giving you the maximum amount of choice. These can be located in our Fast Track A Level category. Read more

What next? – Didn’t get the grades you needed for Uni

Have you always wanted to go to University but didn’t get the grades? This is your chance to put that right.

With Absorb Online Learning you can study on a smart device whenever suits you, so you can fit studying around your job and life.

This means you can get those valuable A-Levels that will unlock higher education while still earning.

If you’ve got a passion and you want to go for it! Don’t let anything hold you back. Get the A-Level’s you need today. Read more

What next? – Bad exam results? Resit your A-Levels online

Even if you haven’t got the you hoped for in you’re A-Levels you’ve still got loads of opportunities. You can take your A-Levels again with Absorb Online Learning. You won’t just resit the exams but you will be taught the entire subject again, this time from home in your own time and in your own way.

You’ll study right on your smart device, wherever is most convenient to you. The material you study will be exceptional too, designed by experts you’ll understand the subject in a way you never have before.

All you need to do is set aside time every week to study and we will make sure you have the support and help you need to truly thrive and succeed.
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What next? – Didn’t get the grades, alternatives to Uni

University isn’t the only way to have a great career. With Absorb Online Learning you can retrain for an exciting career and learn from your own home.

Have you thought about working with children? Then try being a Teaching Assistant. Like doing hair and beauty? Then how about a Nail Technician? Or why not become an accountant.

There are many great careers you can retrain for with Absorb where you can earn over £25k a year, and not only can you start straight away but you can work at the same time and complete your course within a year.

Retraining can be daunting, but we are hear to help with full tutor support though-out all of our courses. Get the career you always wanted. Read more

What’s the difference between GCSE and IGCSE?

We are often asked this question here at Absorb HQ. The GCSE (General Certificate in Secondary Education) and the IGCSE (or International GCSE) are essentially the same thing, in that they are both world-class, Level 2 qualifications that have been accredited to the same standards, grade for grade, and should be recognised in the exactly same way by employers and academic institutions.

This wasn’t always the case as, when the IGCSE was first introduced, it took a while for organisations to accept the validity of the new qualification. However, now all colleges and universities in the UK accept the IGCSE equally and many private and international schools choose to offer the IGCSE in preference to the GCSE. It’s currently studied in 55 countries worldwide and is offered at over 350 independent schools in the UK alone.

The key difference between the GCSE and IGCSE is the emphasis on the exams. In the past, GCSEs allowed an element of coursework to count for final grades, which was viewed as lowering the standard of the qualification. However, the UK government toughened these rules, bringing it more in line with the difficulty of the IGCSE. Read more