High Costs of Learning

A recent Freedom of Information request issued by the Student Loans Company found that students were being overcharged tax on their student loans by up to £40 million per year. With course fees now running at up to £9,000 per year, many are opting to ditch full-time education and learn as they work, so they can get work experience and not start out life with a huge debt to repay. Read more

Learn as you sleep

You might be familiar with the idea of listening to something as you sleep, like French verbs or the periodic table symbols read aloud, and waking up full of knowledge and refreshed from a restful 8-hours of shut-eye. You may even have tried it, only to wake with the indent of the headphones on your face and no memory of anything. That’s because we can’t learn that way. But that doesn’t mean sleep isn’t important to learning, or that you can’t learn as you sleep. Read more