For decades, students old and young have turned to tutoring to benefit their learning outside of the classroom.

But how does tutoring work with online courses and distance learning programmes? Simple. Online group tutoring.

Online group tutoring can provide many advantages to help those studying an online course get their head around some of the more difficult aspects of a course. Whether it is the jump from GCSE to A Level courses and the differing level or studying required or getting your head around a particular part of a new topic, online group tutoring is proving to be a great success story for those studying online courses while holding down a traditional 9-5 job.

The benefits of online learning can:

Boost individual student learning

Small online groups can more easily bounce ideas of each other. It can take the pressure off of individual students and allow the tutor to speak directly to individual students in the group. Small group based online tutoring can make for fun, enjoyable and engaging learning time.

Boost confidence

If a student has a better handle on a subject, they can gain more confidence in how they tackle it. Self doubt can hinder certain learning styles. But being able to confidently move from topic to topic thanks to a better understanding gained through additional tutoring can reap benefits in confidence levels.

Boost frame of mind

If you start to doubt yourself, you can quickly develop a negative attitude towards online learning and studying. The confidence gained through group tutoring can give you a better attitude towards online learning and give you a better frame of mind to advance forward with your educational learning.

What else…

Beyond these benefits, online tutoring, like online courses has many advantages including:

No geographical constraints. Like online learning where you can study and learn where you want, as long as you have a good internet signal, you can join an online tutoring group.

Covid Free. You can’t catch coronavirus through online group tutoring so as part of a distance learning plan, digital tutor groups offer a safe and welcoming environment for those looking to study a course but are still uneasy about meeting others in public.

Video calls are the norm. Remember a time before you had even heard of ‘Zoom’? Then the pandemic hit and video calls were all the rage. Like online learning, being able to use modern video technology can be beneficial to your future career plans. Employers are more interested than ever before in new employees who can boast an understanding of technology.