What is an e-book?

Embarking on a GCSE or A Level can be a daunting experience. We at Absorb Online Learning want to make studying as easy and stress free as possible. With this in mind, we have developed our ‘e-books’. Online learning via e-books can offer so much more than textbooks alone. They contain interactive materials, instant feedback on progress and tailored content based upon your level of confidence.

The advantages of online learning via e-books

Our e-books contain all the content from the A-level and GCSE specifications. All presented in a user friendly and informative way. You may be asking yourself ‘why not just buy a textbook?’ Our e-books are much more than a standard textbook. E-books are a combination of text, images, embedded videos, audio files and mini assessments. All this with the convenience of learning online. You can learn wherever and whenever you want, on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Our tutors and authors are constantly working to improve on the content, making them a more interactive experience. Simply work your way through the content. You can be assured that you will have covered all the information that may come up in the exams.

Tutoring support for online learning

Our approach to student-centred, flexible learning means that there is no need to pay for tutoring if you do not want it. If you do want the support of a tutor who you can contact at any time, then this can be purchased alongside the e-book. This is at a cost of only £35 for the duration of your GCSE (1 year) or A Level (2 years). The tutor support also includes the marking of tutor marked assessments (past paper questions) to help you develop your exam skills.

Free online learning trial

So, if you were concerned about taking that next step to further education or to a new career why not request a free trial of one of our e-books and find out how it could help you learn.

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